Is there anything NFC can’t solve?


NFC has made a massive jump into our mainstream life since the launch of ApplePay.  There are not many who are unaware of the technology change in our buying behavior patterns, or more accurately what is about to come to our buying behavior.

There is also a movement from wristband provider Jawbone to leap into the payment space with the current partnership with American Express, that sees the wristband becoming a payment device like the AppleWatch or a NFC enabled Wristband at an event.

If you extend NFC to others parts of your life, like  to the internet of everything – accessing your house, paying for things in your community

What about receiving shipments from Amazon or Google, or accessing your new car and starting the engine with your wrist band.  There will never be the chance or misplacing your keys again.

I cant wait to see what happens next with NFC

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