Zeal Loyalty

Name: Zeal Loyalty
Description: An App that powers your loyalty programs from within your Mobile Wallet.  Zeal is a platform that pushed your loyalty programs information and other critical information to your mobile wallet loyalty section when you want to pay.  Created:  Zeal Loyalty was created during the 2016 Microsoft Hackathon, in Redmond, Washington.  Websitehttps://www.getzeal.website/ 


BH Design


Name: BH Design 
Description: We created BH Design because we loved designing and building things out of steel.   Similarly,  there are so many small and medium sized merchants that have such a s complicated and messy register location. We want to make it easy for merchants to accept payments.  Created:  Because we like design. Seattle, Washington. Websitehttp://www.browseithardware.com/