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Credit Card

Credit Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Square cash is so easy.  All other competitors are trying to solve the complex security login issue, but square cash make it so easy to enter an email in and thats it.

I think the person-to-person money market is massive, but some people just don’t trust it and wont enter their credit card into the app.

The only problem with square cash is that it can’t be scaled internationally.  Credit Cards and Debit Cards aren’t as widely used in European counties as within the United States.  The solution for this is MoneyMates.net




ARTIC – POS counter stand

Introducing the new POS counter Stand

FocusNorth is proud to introduce the new ARTIC Counter Stand for the European Shuttle POS Device.

The ARCTIC Counter Stand is the perfect solution for a mobile counter-top Point of Sale set-up for any small to medium business.

The secure stand allows the customer to insert his/her credit card into the payment device easily and complete the payment on the spot

The light weight holder enables the merchant to display and maneuver the payment terminal (iPad) easily for a better customer experience.

Working together, FocusNorth is dedicated to working closely with the merchant to ensure the best possible solution. This is a prototype, and the FocusNorth team want to work together to improve the product and get the best customer experience